Wellness Time in Rome


An inner journey of total relaxation, health and beauty care, body, spirit and soul well-being

Rome is famous for its ancient Roman baths , dating back to classical times, now only partly accessible for lovers of history and archeology. But what is left of the glorious culture of the Roman wellness philosophy? Where can we find the spirit and the ancient tradition of body and soul, a true well-being belief?


The hammam AcquaMadre is located in the downtown area of ​​Rome near the fountain of Turtles in Piazza Mattei. From the ancient greek-Roman legacy do these famous thermae situated near the Roman Ghetto neighborhood. An oasis of timeless peace, suspended between silences, fragrances, perfumes and incense and the sound of the water that flows slowly, for a unique and sensational quiet.

As per the ancient Roman tradition, the hammam provides a process in dining rooms with different temperatures and environments, cold and hot, places that will bring the body and the spirit to the child welfare sensations. The hamman path provides a passage between steam baths, saunas, relaxation environments, for stretching every part of the body, then up to realize a scrub to smooth the skin, the last dive in the frigidarium, fresh water for narrow pores and rest in decompression and relaxation room, including herbal tea and a good book. Not to be missed!


Tel. 06 6864272

Hamman for women only: Wednesday and Friday from 11.00 to 21.00

Hamman for women and men: Tuesday: from 14.00 to 21.00 Thursday, Saturday, Sunday from 11.00 to 21.00

Hamman for children: children up to 6 years every first Tuesday of the month with their parents


Another point of reference for the spas and spa in Rome today is the Templus Salutis Via Ciro d’Urbino. The hammam offers many routes wellness and relaxation Custom to choose from, for example, the ritual hammam with black soap, which includes scrub and wrap the hair with clay, whirlpool , fruit and herbal teas. An infusion of beauty and rest! Or between the wellness programs that we recommend, The path which provides superior Hamman classic ritual Hamman, between hot and cold temperatures, gumming and dives into the water, plus a special massage with soap, and another massage with essential oils and fruit.

Note the value of this hammam in particular it is that in any way you book, the path will be exclusive, only accompanied by the professional staff, and cost of entry including towels, slippers and everything you need to enjoy the hours in the structure in peace.