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Baia Holiday Camping Village, always attentive to the customers needs, offers high quality accommodations, a wide choice of campsites and villages in Italy and Croatia and perfect holiday solutions for families and young people. The professional and polite staff and the high-quality mobile homes are combined with the artistic, historical, cultural and natural beauty of the areas in which the Camping Villages are located.

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Discover Baia Holiday Group!

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Camping Village Roma Capitol

Rome Grandiose: Art, Religion, Culture and History

Rome Grandiose: Art, Religion, Culture and History

A vacation in Rome is a unique opportunity to discover the architectural, artistic, cultural and archaeological wonders that populate the italian Capital. Rome is without a doubt one of the art, culture, history and charm richest city worldwide. Starting from the great historic buildings of the ancient Roman archeology, lots of those perfectly preserved, up to the most glorious religious churches of the great Italian architecture tradition, to the most spectacular paintings of the Renaissance chapels.

Rome Grandiose

Time Travel: The Roman archeology
This artistic and cultural itinerary is perfect to carefully discover the remains of the great ancient Roman civilization, with all the archaeological beauties who have amazingly passed through the time.

We can start our tour from the Terme di Caracalla (A.D. 217), and then walk to the great palace built by Nerone after the fire of Rome, the Domus Aurea. A must stop is the very symbol of the capital, the majestik Colosseum or again, the remains of the Basilica of Maxentius, which housed the huge statue of Constantine.

Other archaeological sites very interesting to see are the Palatine, the Roman Forum, the Ara Pacis, the trainei markets

Rome of Thousands Churches

The Vatican mysteries
The Christian Rome needs actually no introduction. Rome, in fact, as we all know, has always been the beating heart of the Christian Catholic religion. The city is the residence of the Pope and the  home of the Vatican.

Rome has an incredible number of beautiful churches and stunning cathedrals, with all the artistic sculptures and  the gorgeous frescoes.

We could begin the  journey of the religious Rome with an almost obligatory visit to the Mother of all Churches, the Cathedral of Rome, the Basilica of St. John Lateran. It continues with the San Clemente Church, with its wonderful frescoes. And then we can continue our trip to one of the absolute masterpiece of the Christian architecture, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the largest church in Rome dedicated to the cult of the Virgin Mary. Crossing the Tiber, you can have a charming view directly to the Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, located in the hub of one of the most picturesque districts of Rome.

Walking alongside the Tiber until the end you will arrive to the majesty of one of the most stunning places in the world, Saint Peter’s Square, designed by Bernini; door antechamber of the Vatican State, the tiny hidden world where mystery, history and art are intertwined indissolubly.

The Rome of Bernini
We can not talk about Rome, without mention Bernini. This artist has indelibly marked the architectural and artistic imagine of the capital. Among the Bernini’s masterpieces, there are the Cornaro Chapel, the sculpture residing in the church Santa Maria della Vittoria. And yet in the Barberini Square, there is the unmistakable Triton Fountain. Near the Fountain of the Bees, and then when you get to the spectacular Navona Square, and you can have a look at the incredible Fountain of the Four Rivers, one of the most imaginative artworks of Bernini. To conclude with the masterpiece in Baroque artist's signature: Saint Peter’s Square.

Rome's museums

Rome is home to a large number of museums and art galleries, of all types, and about different historical periods or matrices. And not only, in Rome are concentrated street art walls, confirming the Capital as the only breeding ground for artists and creative people. Among the must visit museums in Rome:

The archaeological museums: the Capitoline Museums, the Ara Pacis Museum, the Museum of Casal de 'Pazzi, Montemartini Museum

The museums of modern art: the Napoleonic Museum, Museum of Rome Palazzo Braschi

The museums of contemporary art: The Gallery of Modern Art, the MACRO, the Alberto Moravia Museum

Science Museums: the Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, the Museum of Zoology

Within the EUR district, the district wanted by Mussolini in 1942 in occasion of the Universal Exposition celebration, they are housed the Historical Museum of the Telecommunications and the Congress Center Fuksas’s cloud.

Ostia Antica archaeological park

Very close to the Camping Rome Capitol in Rome, lies the archaeological site of Ostia Antica, one of the greatest archaeological park of the ancient Rome. This center is home to numerous remains of the ancient Roman colony near the sea, including the theater, the forum, the aqueduct and the port of Claudius.

PRICE (per pitch): 16 € BOOK NOW

Rome Grandiose: Art, Religion, Culture and History
Rome Grandiose: Art, Religion, Culture and History
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