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Baia Holiday Camping Village, always attentive to the customers needs, offers high quality accommodations, a wide choice of campsites and villages in Italy and Croatia and perfect holiday solutions for families and young people. The professional and polite staff and the high-quality mobile homes are combined with the artistic, historical, cultural and natural beauty of the areas in which the Camping Villages are located.

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Discover Baia Holiday Group!

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If you need help to plan your holiday, contact the Baia Holiday booking center operators. You will find answers, practical advices and all the information you need.

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Camping Village Roma Capitol

Discover the beauty of the land of Rome

Rome & its surroundings

Rome & its surroundings

Where to go around Rome


With Rome behind and the sea at its side

The natural reserve of the pine forest of Castel Fusano in Rome is a green park of 150 hectares that became one of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Europe, a charming place, according to many, almost fairy. The protected area, the Pinewood Castel Fusano is part of the Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast, which includes dunes Palidoro, to the oasis WWF of Fregene, the valley and the mouth of the Tiber and places of historical and archaeological interest including the remains the Roman city of Ostia, the remains of the imperial ports of Claudius and Trajan, the Roman Necropolis of Porto Isola Sacra and Castles Chigi and Rospigliosi.

The Castel Fusano Pinewood is a green space full of paths and trails, a few steps from the sea. Inside it rests from time immemorial the wonderful Plinio's Villa, a mysterious and a fascinating place, especially for history and Roman art lovers. The Pinewood Castel Fusano, near Rome, is also a great place for a picnic, to go by bike, exploring paths that within the park are numerous.

A huge green lung around the corner from the busy Roman traffic, absolute oasis of tranquility and relaxation, with the possibility of outdoor sports (inside there is also an open-air gym). There are also engaged areas for picnics and drinking fountains to quench their thirst.

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica is one of Rome's timeless town, very refreshing and relaxing, compared to the great capital tram tram. The streets and the alleys of the town castle from the classic medieval mark, teeming with cafes with outdoor terraces where you can laze on vacation an aperitif or a hearty meal, a stage in an ice cream shop and maybe another drink. Many small shops and typical workshops to discover for one day walk or really pleasant evening, or for a romantic getaway.

Not only that, Ostia Antica is famous above all for the great Roman archaeological park that houses a real city, dating back to the ancient Roman civilization. The open-air archaeological site preserves the memory of the style of life in Roman times, with streets, houses, temples, squares and theaters, almost intact. A rich history of the park, guarded and surrounded by velvety aura of mystery and very green. A place full of appeal, suspended over the centuries, really fascinating for the many well preserved mosaics. A must see.


The Ostia Coast is the sill sea of ​​Rome. Once unhealthy area and saline, after a careful transfer operation has become the seafront. Among palms and waterfront, the Tyrrhenian coast is ideal for long walks, rides on the beach, water sports such as kite surfing and wind surfing, for boat trips, diving activities, for some 'retail therapy in the many shops facing one of the main avenues, or enjoy one of the famous Roman seafood specialties in one of the many restaurants on the beach.

Frascati and Castelli Romani

The Roman Castles is one of the busiest routes, with a picturesque and bucolic panorama of Rome for many reasons. Starting with the unique charm of the hidden Aristocratic villas in the green hills of Rome, enjoy incredible breathtaking views of these lands rich in art, culture and history, to the ancient "fraschette", the taverns where can taste homemade wine, bring it to home, and delight your palate with typical succulent dishes of traditional Roman cuisine.

Among the sights and places to visit in the heart of the Castelli Romani area, Castelgandolfo, also called the City of the Pope, as the summer residence of the Pope. Castelgandolfo with a spectacular landscape, noble and refined beauty, overlooking the Lake Albano. In addition to the many taverns and restaurants castle kitchen, Castelgandolfo is famous for hosting many festivals and village events.

Frascati is another one of the most beautiful and famous of the Roman hilly landscape, known for Tusculans Ville, for the delicacy of culinary dishes. the renowned Wine Cities, Frascati is distinguished by the majestic patrician houses that are lost in the lush greenery of the Colli Albani.

Rome & its surroundings
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