Wine Route to the Roman Castles

Land and Wine. A fascinating as indissoluble blend. The Wine road of roman castles is a wrap around trail, which runs through vineyards and noble wine traditions, caresses bucolic landscapes, soft horizons. A beautiful trip through the most famous and ancient Roman archeology.

Wine and Art. An ancient tradition, more than thirty thousand years old, a pagan cult to Bacchus before, homage to the intense passion for the Beauty and the Taste now. “Making the wine” is a love act, that everyday accompany the farmers of these sweet lands for centuries.

Get involved in a charmant journey through time, starting with the wine cellars of this grapes artists, the well-known producers of DOC italian wines such as the famous Frascati, one of the most famous Roman wines.

Art, Beauty and Nature. Not just a path among the scented vineyards and the soft hills of Rome, but also through the Regional Roman Castles Park beauty, and then among the majestic Tusculane Villas of the seventeenth century, precious gems memories of an aristocratic past times .

Nature and Taste. The gastronomic journey of the Wine Route, starts with the scenic vineyards discovery, it continue with the tasting of the best wine vintages, and then with the historical narrative of the territory, with a dip in the taste and the typical local recipes of the traditional Castle cuisine.

Do not miss the local specialties offered by the numerous local taverns. The traditional Roman cuisine is delicious, full of memory and it shows its land in a unique and unforgettable way.


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41.721, 12.6734

Ariccia, quaint local village, where you can visit the Palazzo Primoli, the suggestive Church of the Assumption, and breathe the genuine soul of the beautiful region of Lazio. A must stop here in Ariccia, it is in one of the most famous taverns, Hostaria No. 1, to cuddle yourself with the most delicious local specialties. For the main course in the menu, we suggest you La Botticella (first course of pasta inspired by the classic Amatriciana and the Carbonara) and as a second course .. the rich lamb alla Scottadito!


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41.8091, 12.6761

Frascati, a beautiful town on the outskirts of Rome, rich in history, art and culture. In Frascati stands the most famous and popular among the Roman Castles. In its small and cute squares rise beautiful villas of the past, like the famous Villa Torlonia, with its green and secret gardens. Frascati whole is the most amazing terrace with breathtaking views of Rome. From St. Peter’s Square, with its many characteristic restaurants, called the Fraschette, those who once were the typical Winery.

Now you can here, not only taste, even take home, the finest handcrafted wine. The DOC wines of the Roman Castles ranging from white, to red and rosé in many varieties; by sparkly amabile (semi-sweet) wine. The typical products of this area, in addition to the excellent wines are the extra-virgin olive oil and the timeless cheese pecorino romano.

If you love gardens and nature then, you can set out toward the cool of the woods of Mount Tusculum, to have a walk through the trees, and discover the ancient Roman remains. Let yourself be carried by the unique beauty of the panorama spread out towards the horizon endless, breathtaking!